Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beatrice (I Will Keep On Writing)

"Putting it down on paper is like releasing your burden – when you are writing you remember lots of things. It comes to you – that is why I will keep on writing."

Go… Beatrice!!

Beatrice Newkirk
Our Writing Class

Writing from the heart is a good way to start.

We write from within, a lot of joy it brings.

We can write about love.

We can write about hope,

We can write about getting people off dope.

We can hope for the best and God will do the rest.

Everything we do in our class,

We know it will last and last.

We can write about the past.

There are so many things to remember.

Beatrice Newkirk

Writing is putting you words down and experiences on paper. Sometimes writing things of what you feel on paper, it can be about a specific event, it can be about your life, it can be about things that happen during your lifetime, it can be about things related to you. We can write about good times and bad times. Putting it down on paper is like releasing your burden – when you are writing you remember lots of things. It comes to you—that is why I will keep on writing.

Beatrice Newkirk
Fun in Our Writing Class

We had a good time last Thursday.  We did not write anything.  We just listened to Benita’s interviews and looked at our videos on the computer.  We all looked nice.  We talked about what we have done together so far. 

We have many new members in the writing class.  We welcome them with open arms.

Steve’s birthday was last Thursday.  We all sang happy birthday to him. (Benita has many volunteers helping her. Steve is one of them. He comes to class and makes very nice videos for us.)

We have lots of fun here in this class, coming together every week.  I look forward to this day. 

Our teacher is the best.  She tells us what to do, then we do the rest.  Benita is her name.  Writing is her game.

Things I Enjoy at the Writing Class
Beatrice Newkirk

The things I like when I come to the class.  I always look forward to coming to the class.   We do things together.  We listen to other people’s stories.  Everyone who reads or tells their stories have everyone in suspense.  Everyone has a story to tell.  You feel something after hearing the stories.  You can picture what they are talking about in your mind.