Monday, January 17, 2011

We Have a Dream

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I hope this is not too bold to say:

We have a dream.

That’s right. We.

We share that dream.

Because there is no dream without you. There is no project without you. Our seniors have been talking; you’ve been listening – you are an entire half of the whole conversation.

We have a dream that this very conversation will go on and on. Well beyond all of our lifetimes. Past the lifetimes of our kids, our grandkids, and theirs.

Story by story, photo by photo, we have seen how strong the seniors in our group have become. We have a dream that they will become even more empowered as our blog readership continues to expand and we find more ways to communicate back and forth.

We have a dream that this conversation will travel from downtown Philadelphia via cyberspace to your neighborhood. We have a dream that we will launch a civic engagement campaign to empower you to start multi-generational conversations and storytelling groups of your own.

We have a dream that our civic engagement campaign will train teens, regardless of background or means, to one day take our baton, and prove to the world how much they have always cared.

In one and a half young years, this project has become a global storytelling network spanning 30 countries with 9000+ blog hits, 500+ Youtube hits, 400+ podcast hits, 300+ Facebook and Twitter fans, 200+ event audience members, and most importantly, a unified group of 90 participating seniors, teens and volunteers. And we’re just getting started.

We are actively seeking funding to strengthen our current class, build a healthy 501(c)(3) organization, and launch our ambitious civic engagement campaign. Groundwork for the campaign includes a high-capacity website, a video documentary, and focus groups in a number of test venues.

Please consider clicking Here to contribute to our project fund. Your tax-deductible donations will have direct impact on how much we are able to achieve.

Thank you for being a very big part of our very big dream.