Monday, January 3, 2011

Brenda (Advice for H and H)

Speaking of listening more to you guys, remember how at our 11/14 event a couple of you asked us the question about how to deal with a heartbreak :( ? Well, last month you heard Arthur’s response (click Here to read it again) Here now is Brenda’s take on the timeless question. And now go and do it - EAT up the advice ;) !

Brenda Bailey
Advice for H and H

To expose ourselves to heartache and heartbreak is an emotion we can all identify with – but how we react depends on our life experiences.  When you are young and your heart is broken, you ask yourself; “What did I do?”, “Why me?” And you cry, can’t sleep, can’t eat.  Life seems so dark.  I felt the same, when it happened to me at a young age.  I cried, it seemed, for days.  Couldn’t sleep.  Couldn’t eat.  I thought I would never be the same, and I wasn’t.  I was stronger.  And the day I smelled the bacon cooking, I was so hungry. 

I ate, I was tired and needed to sleep. And the next day, when I awakened, I knew I had made it and I’d be OK.

As we become developed in age (older), we have more heartaches and heartbreaks.  Like when we lose a loved one or a beloved pet or a favorite earring that has sentimental value.   But I know it is only temporary.  I had the power to survive.  Our Creator has given us a resilient spirit, to stand and not fall, to bend and not break.  So, like the song says, “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.” 

And, when all else fails, have a piece of bacon.