Friday, January 7, 2011

The Joy in the (New!) Room

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A recent story said it best: “Oh how I miss being in the presence of such wonderful people.”

Our group took a couple weeks off for the holidays, so yesterday was the first time we’d seen one another in a while. And guess what? The senior center surprised us with a new room!! Can you imagine the feeling?  It’s like everyone was already carrying happy-new-year I-miss-you-all smiles. And then those smiles instantly tripled as the seniors came through the doorway in disbelief. The sunlight, the space, those smiles. Everything combined. It just made me feel so totally alive.

Want to hear the rest of the story I quoted from, and find out who wrote such sweet words? Nope, not a senior this time, but a teen. You may remember Tyreek, one of our summer interns. He came back to visit everyone before the holidays and this is what he handwrote and read out loud to the seniors. Yesterday, the seniors were still talking about these very words. (Tyreek: your visit meant so much to the group. I really want you to know that. Thank you.)

Tyreek Malachi

Oh how I miss being in the presence of such wonderful people. Recently I have been going through a lot with my finances and my living situation. And because of that I wasn't able to continue coming. But now I'm back. I am not fully stable but getting there. I realized I been missing out on the smiles, the laughs, the stories being told, the family feeling, the love that fills the air, the joy in the room and the care that the seniors give. I realize that I've been missing out on a lot and I'm glad to be back. Thanks Benita for this wonderful opportunity.