Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Say YAY to Interns

In the last blog post, I left you with a little cliff-hanger. I told you that this blog post is a must-read... and that's because it's true! Here are some of the beautiful application letters we received from Philadelphia teenagers, in response to our Call for Interns. Our teen interns will visit our weekly writing class at the senior center starting this month - no idea what kind of conversations and stories will unfold. But I'm getting ready to be blown away. This is going to be really fun.

Dear Beatrice Newkirk

My name is Jyqueen Galloway. I am currently attending Arise Academy Charter School. I am a sophomore and I have great grades. I respect my elders and I am a very respectable person. I follow the rules the adults give me.

I think what you said (about laughter and friends) was so true. I believe that’s true me and my  best friend laugh all the time by the way his name Tyreek, there was one day when we didn’t see each other for 3 days and we were both miserable with out each other.

When I am there I will promise to help and love everyone, treat everyone with respect,      like they’re my family. While I am here I will help you and other elderly people who need it. With no problem or questions asked I love helping people. So I just hope you will let me help you.

Thank you, Beatrice Newkirk.

Sincerely, Jyqueen Galloway

Dear Linda,

Hi how are you? My name is Jamila. I am 17 years old and I read your first date story. It was just too adorable. As unfortunate as it may be I have yet to go on an actual date, well not the clich├ęs dates. I really don’t like spending money when it isn’t necessary. So the movies and dinner are out of the question. I enjoy cooking so I would rather whip up something I have at home already. Plus I have tons of movies. Besides that I think those kinds of dates take away form getting to know each other. I rather take a long walk in the park with you or sit outside on the steps and eat ice cream on a hot day. I know that probably sounds a little cheesy but that’s my kind of date. Now that kissing thing is a whole other story. My first kiss was something like yours. And I also thought I could get pregnant if I French kissed a boy but than again I thought you could get pregnant by doing anything with a boy. Well anyway I hope to read more of your stories because I really enjoy them.

A New Fan, Jamila

Hello Madam,

My name is Tyreek Malachi and I’m a current senior at Simon Gratz High School. I heard about the connecting with seniors community service events though one of my teachers Stephanie Oliver at the Achieving Independence Center, and I  think that it would be a great opportunity to hear about the older generation’s experiences and see what I could learn from them.

I recently read the story on titled Arthur (singing) and I feel that in the years that he has been living he has accomplished a whole lot from being in many band/ choirs such as Little Joe and the Thrillers, McFadden and the White Heads, and The Soul Brothers Of Germany, London, France, Copenhagen, and Denmark to being a supporter of our country by participation in the army.

I can relate to Arthur because I also like to sing and I feel as if I can learn from him. Also I’m from Georgia and he was in Georgia for a month. I like to meet new people and so does Arthur and because of that I feel there would be a good bond. We both are travelers and we have that in common too.

I feel this would be a great experience for me and that I can learn and benefit form your program. Hopefully we can work together. It would be a great pleasure to work with you and the elderly.

Sincerely, Tyreek Malachi