Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mr. Gordon (You Never Know)

If I were to make a dictionary and I got to the word, Wisdom, I’d put Mr. Gordon’s picture right there. I’m not exaggerating, for every three sentences he utters, there’s another life lesson. And he speaks ever so gently, so modestly, and always with a slight smile. Like he’s listening to the sounds of his own words and shaping them, mulling over their subtleties, even as they leave his lips. Well, this story is no exception. A few moments across the years, when told by Mr. Gordon, become a giant, heavyweight, capital-letter-T, glorious-soundtack-deserving Thought on the circle of life. His stories take my breath away.

Arline Gordon
July 15, 2010
You Never Know

In the hospital the week of July 4, my sugar level was out of control , my heart was acting up.  It was a tough day.

I had worked for the school district for 30 years.  Sometimes I would see children that I came to know well and a few of them I was sure just wouldn’t make it in life.  One girl in particular must have really made an impression on me.  Her name even stuck in my mind.

In the hospital room I heard someone calling my name.  I didn’t  know who it was saying: “You don’t remember me, do you?  I’m Carol, your ‘Headache’, the one you said would not make it.  I want to thank you.  Because of you, I’m working as a nurse. And today I am here to take care of you”. 

In my head I laughingly wondered how I had treated this person, hoping that I was not deserving of a pinch or a kick.  Of all the people I wouldn’t expect to see, there was Carol tending to me at the hospital. Carol had achieved a great deal.  To hear her say that it was all because of me, was really something.

The title of this story? If I had to give it a title, I’d say, “You Never Know.”