Saturday, June 26, 2010


Are you wondering what my grandma’s and the seniors’ reactions to the article were? I know I was!

Well, my grandma, whom I call “Po Po” in Cantonese, is a giggler. So literally, that’s what happened on the phone on Tuesday morning. We giggled for a while about it. And she said what she had said to me on the night of our first call (which incidentally was June 26, 2006. Today, 4 years ago!) and what she once in a while repeats:

You are silly for finding me special!

Don’t you just love that? And then she said the seniors in my class (whom I tell her about regularly on the phone) are gonna get a kick out of this. And of course Po Po was right.

I walked into the senior center on Thursday, and was greeted by a giant posterboard of the newspaper article, which the COO, Vicky, had set up. Vicky – who I must add has been  a fearless supporter of this project from day one, back when it was still a 6-week experiment – also made xeroxes of the physical paper so the seniors could each get a copy. Needless to say, the seniors went wild. I read the article out loud for them. We posed for photos with the xeroxes and by the board. Hattie called Bernice Teacher’s Pet because there is the big picture of Bernice and me laughing (I don’t remember what I was laughing about. Bernice is constantly telling me jokes.) We all described the visual layout of the page to Mr. Gordon, because he can’t see. Brenda stared at her handwriting on the front page on the paper for an entire minute, in disbelief, the this-is-too-incredible-to-be-true kind.

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