Sunday, June 6, 2010

Arthur (Singing)

My volunteers will be the first to tell you, my mind runs a million miles per minute. Way too fast for my own good. So here I’ve been, freaking out to my volunteers via email the past two weeks, already trying to figure out every possible detail of how to pull off a whole Seniors Storytelling Day. And then, guess what, I went to class on Thursday, and Arthur (one of our seniors) basically cleared the sky up for me, and scripted our entire gameplan. I was blown away. He had a vision of Seniors Storytelling Day, and he described what it would take to get there. I was just nodding the entire time, with goosebumps.

"Funny stories, suspenseful stories, sensitive stories, we got them all!"

"It goes on and on!"

"Mixing individual energies."

"From the end to the beginning. Then and now."

"Look at Us Now! We tell the audience, ‘Look at Us Now!’”

“Standing together, young and old, on the same stage."

…just some of the things that Arthur said that are still echoing in my head. Arthur has sung professionally all his life. That's why he's got all this talent about how to put together a good show. I realized I wasn't even thinking about putting on a good show. I was so obsessed with the logistics, the practicalities. He is totally on point.

I just wanted to share that little tidbit with you. What I’m trying to say is, I’m getting the best education by being a part of this project. Inspiration, I think, is the best ever education. Below is a story Arthur wrote the first time he came to class. And yes, his hope has come true since. He has been coming to class regularly.

(BTW – you want to hear where Arthur and I first met? You guessed it, at the piano. Check out the Dec 31, 2009 post: “Come, I Love You So Truuuuu-ue” in the Blog Archive.)

Arthur Murray
March 25, 2010

The best thing that happened to me was when I started singing with a group called “Little Joe and The Thrillers.”    We toured through the states; Atlanta, Georgia for a month in 1958 and a second time in 1979 with McFadden and Whitehead singing group. When I went into the service (army) I got with a group called “The Soul Brothers of Germany, London, France, Copenhagen, and Denmark in 1964.

When I came here to the Philadelphia Senior Center 5 years ago I joined the senior choir and met some very exiting people. Also, I moved into Casa Farnesa Apartments; I love meeting new people.

My dream finally came true because I now sing with three choirs, one here at the center since three and a half years ago.

And now joining this writing group; what an amazing bunch of people. This thought will go with me whenever I leave this earth. This is another milestone for me, I hope to keep coming in the future.