Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beatrice (Things I Want My Grandkids to Know)

Well, as Mr. Gordon said, meal times to families aren’t what they used to be. And hey, that’s precisely why we’re gathered here. For whatever reason, it’s harder to find the time to talk these days. Social protocols are different. Some people say the internet is a distraction from meaningful communication. So let’s spin that around. (The internet gives us lemons; alright then, let’s set up a lemonade stand.) Let’s start the talking right here, right now.

Beatrice Newkirk
May 27, 2010
Things I Want My Grandkids to Know       

The things I want my grandkids to know:  How I raised them and how I was raised.  Things I did in my time of growing up.  Things were not easy.  Some people were going through hard times.  In my early years, we had no television.  We did the best we could in my days.  Raising twelve kids was not too easy.  Trying to decide what to feed them and how to dress them.  Me and their father trying to make ends meet.  In my coming up, we had no choice of what we wanted to eat or what we wanted to wear.  I have no complaints about them.  They have made me very proud.  All have finished school.  Everyone doing the right thing.  I thank God for my kids and grandkids and for my great-grands.
57 grands – 27 greats!