Friday, February 5, 2010

My Favorite Pranksters

Want to fill you in on an inside joke. Those of you who have been reading since the dawn of this class and blog (thank you btw for sticking with us!) know about this. Well, at least the first bit of the joke. Trust me, it just got better.

OK, so Bernice drew me a portrait of a woman the first time I met her. (Funny, right? Drawing in a writing class, but wait till you hear the rest…)

A couple weeks later, same portrait, at 80% the original size.

As I got to know her, I gently asked, so who’s the mystery woman? And she laughed and told me: no one in particular. Just someone in her imagination. I was left more mystified than ever. She knew she’s got me…

So, ever since then, most every class, she draws me the same portrait. She does this when one of the other seniors is reading out loud. She hands it to me with a straight face but as soon as the paper reaches my hand, she cracks up.

You would never believe this. So as I mentioned a few blog posts ago, her twin sister Beatrice, has started coming to class. Well, guess what SHE has started doing... the same portrait!

(Shown larger below, are Beatrice's and Bernice's latest handiwork; shown smaller are some of the drawings that Bernice has given me over the past months... aren't the similarities uncanny?! For the long version of how the mystery first unfolded, check out the posts entitled “Something I’ve Got to Ask” in the blog archive.)