Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Henrietta (A Letter to Our Readers)

Look! Our birthday girl Henrietta put together a poem for you. It’s so sweet that the seniors are starting to do this (check out Helen’s letter from a couple weeks ago if you haven’t already). If you’ve ever wondered what your readership means to the seniors, now you know. The seniors “get” all this completely (this blog, the class’ Facebook and Twitter pages, this whole digital networking thing!) Even though they don't see you, they know you’re around. And the knowledge that you're around is what drives their pens to their notebooks week after week.

Henrietta Faust
How I Feel About You

I am just writing to
thank my readers.
To let you know how I
feel about you.

And if no one told you
they love you.  I’m telling
you now!  May you have
your best Valentine’s Day!

May you be comforted, soothed,
satiated, and warm and fuzzy.
May your heart be merry.
Your mind at peace.

And all your needs be met.
Your day be sunny and full.
Your nights a promise of joy & bliss.
May all you met bow at your feet.

May wind beat your back and you never linger.
And you have world on a string, around your finger.
And you know Peace, Power and Plenty.
Have a good life everyone.