Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beatrice (The Dinner Table)

Beatrice has run one good family. That’s for sure. Here’s a piece she wrote about the importance of the dinner table. Ironic, right? As pressure mounts these days on parents to accumulate (classes, books, magazines, toys, irresistible little onesies), turns out all parents need to do is to clear the table. But... the real proof of a top-notch parent is her son’s family values. (You guessed it, that’s my effort at a cliffhanger - stay tuned for a poem from Beatrice’s son in the next blog post!)

Beatrice Newkirk
The Dinner Table
Had to feed a family of 12 kids and two grown-ups.  Planning a meal was not an easy job – making sure everything was planned right.  I always cooked a full meal.  I always cooked greens, beans, macaroni and always something hot.

Breakfast was always a must.  My kids never went to school hungry.  In the fifties, my kids came home for lunch.  So at 12 o’clock, they came home, went back to school at one o’clock.  Nowadays, they have lunch in the schools.  Things are so different now and better.

Another good time at the table was on Thanksgiving.  That was when we cooked that biggest meal.  Everyone at the table at one time.  The dinner table was the best.