Monday, February 8, 2010

Henrietta’s Surprise Party

It was Henrietta’s birthday over the weekend, and last class, the seniors and I threw her a mini surprise party! I had been so excited about it the week before, hoping we could pull it off. Henrietta has opened up to us in a huge way over the past few months. Several weeks ago, she told me, she is working on being more social and focusing her poems towards that. I still remember the first time I met her. I could hardly get a word out of her. She was not used to conversation. But now she laughs and talks with the rest of us. As she was nibbling on her cake and cookies last week, she wrote the poem below. BTW you know what's so cute? Henrietta took one of the balloons home to remember the day by.

(Check out our Facebook page for more pictures from the mini party.)

Henrietta Faust

Yesterday it snowed 2” of snow, and I
Could not come to the senior center yesterday.
My pet peeve is the weather and
Changes in the Weather. Yesterday

Many people could not travel, so all
Stayed home. Then today: a
Freezing but sunny day. But
Yesterday driving was dangerous.

People crashed cars, and schools
Had problems yesterday. But
Today is Great but Cold
But today my writing class teacher

Gave me a Birthday Party with Cake
And cookies today. Thank you all
For a very Happy Birthday Party.
Thank you one and all.