Thursday, May 14, 2020

Zoom! (José and Frances)

Last week was a groundbreaking event for Best Day! We had our first ever storytelling workshop on Zoom! It was an adventure for both the volunteers and the older buds, especially since so many of us did Best Day through telephone instead of through our computer. Fortunately, the older buds of PSC did something similar when we had our story slam back in March, so it was easy to take that format and translate it into a Zoom session. Our theme for last week was The Best Day of My Quarantine So Far, and Benita's even turned it into a challenge on Facebook. And Benita, Kian and Jett actually joined our first Zoom session too.

We started at 12:45 just to get everyone used to the new format, but we all got used to it quickly enough. And no matter how difficult things were in lockdown, all of us were able to talk about the best day of our far. We even got to do our Senior Selfie at the end of it...even though half of us were little telephone icons!

This week, we're inviting even more volunteers to our Zoom session to see what Best Day's all about, and we're even discussing uploading the audio from our Zoom sessions online for the world to hear. In the meantime, we still have plenty of stories on our blog for the whole world to read. Here's a few of them below:

José Dominiguez
My Second Pardon Experience

Maria my deceased and loved wife was indeed a character. She inspired deep and strong feelings of attraction-repulsion when we become US legal residents we attended to a Catholic church located at Sunland Park New Mexico. We were very active and were included in several ministries at San Martin’s Church. There we knew many Hispanic people with whom we socialized and prayed. One special lady was in touch with us and her name is Alma and we called her “La Chola.” She was very energetic and outspoken person. Alma was very dear to all the community and we enjoyed her good feelings towards us. Suddenly Alma was apart from us and obviously she eluded out presence. Few weeks later Alma stopped my wife in a moment when nobody was present and told her: Maria I came to ask you for pardon…I have spoken nasty things of you and…
Maria interrupted her saying: I don’t have nothing against you, thank you for your pardon request but don’t have nothing to regret from you.
“Nevertheless” Alma said: I can tell you what things I have said so you will know my wrong doing.”
Not interested: Maria said. You can keep does words for you. True pardon comes from Jesus: Pray and ask him for his pardon I am only a poor soul looking for my own salvation. And I thought for me it was a complete intent asking for pardon. Alma faced my wife, recognized her conduct, was willing to describe her faults and asked for pardon. Since then Alma is for me an example of a repented person acting as such

Frances Bryce
Play Cancelled

Recently a friend and I bought tickets to see a play depicting the life of Marvin Gaye. We live in different parts of the city. She is in the west of the city and I live in the south, Center City. We agreed to meet at the theater for the performance at 3:00 pm. I arrived at about 2:30-2:45 pm and she was not there. A notice on the window stated the performance had been cancelled. My reaction was a disappointed one. A couple from New Jersey had driven over and we expressed our disappointment. One of the ladies said she did not get a notice of the cancellation. I recalled getting a series of calls that I did not recognize so I did not answer. My rule is if I don’t know or recognize the number and no voice mail is left, my assumption is that it is probably a scam or robocall. On reflection, it was probably a call to let me know the play was cancelled. We who were wondering why stayed for a short time went to the box office for a receipt and was informed that the amount of the tickets had been returned to my account. I took a bus and returned home. [I] Assum[ed] that my friend who is always early had read the notice and was on her way home. She does not have a cell phone, so I could not check that she was now home or on her way there.
When I finally was able to get her she informed me that she arrived after I left and remained in the area until 3:30pm. I asked why she stayed after she knew the production was canceled and after the time it was past the register time of 3:00. She stated that she was waiting on me.
I said we will agree that if any future events that we were to see cancelled. Then we would leave and for her to consider an inexpensive cellphone so we could connect with each other.
She arrived later than usual she told me, because the driver carried her two blocks from her stop and not being a fast walker, it was necessary to retrace the two blocks where she wanted to catch the next bus. I now will try to think about other ways to be sure we are on the same wavelength.

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