Thursday, March 26, 2020

Cleaning House (Michael aka Man-Tin)

I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home, and since I can't use public transit for the time being, I have some time on my hands. I remember a few years ago, older bud Mo McCooper asked me to check for unpublished stories by some of his friends. One such friend was Man-Tin "Michael" Chan, so I went through Best Day's digital attic and found a couple of his old stories. I don't want to overwhelm the readers, so I figured I'd post a sampling of five stories for now:

Michael Chan Man-Tin
My Story
My name is Chan Man-Tin, Michael.  I was born in Shanghai China. By 1933 I was in Hong Kong.  By the year 1950 I learned Cantonese. After a few years I can speak Cantonese or English to make friends.
I started my garment factory to make different garments which were ordered by overseas customers for 20 years.
Finally I changed my work to become a stock broker for 15 years and then I retired.
I came to join my daughters’s family.  Four years ago I retired from the Securities company and in 2006 joined my daughter and her family.  I sent them here for education in the year 1970.
Now I am retired and enjoy my personal life peacefully.

Michael Chan Man-Tin
It’s Thursday Again

Time flies, it’s Thursday again. I really do not know what I have done for the last week.
I feel the weather is so good for us here—humid when you working in the office or not. Our feeling is good and enjoy the surrounding so good.
Best wishes and regards to all of us to meet together.
Good day for all of us.

Michael Chan Man-Tin
Happy Times
2nd of January is my birthday of 82 years! It gives me joy to have a very happy time on that day. It makes me feel wonderful during the day. Early in the morning, every member of my family said some good wishes for me which made me so happy!  I personally have to thank God who gives me a good and happy life to be here with members of our group to enjoy the party. 
I sincerely want to thank all of my friends and relatives who share the happy times on this occasion!

Michael Chan Man-Tin
Time passes very quickly. I have been here for six years already. 
From the beginning, I was afraid to face the problem. After a few months, I begin to feel active to make friends with the American friends in the Senior Center. 
I feel very happy to enjoy life myself with the Senior Center in town to share the happiness with all of us. 
Now it is the Chinese New Year and time to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit and enjoy the happy life for the year. 

Michael Chan Man-Tin
Returning to My Own Country

It seem quite a long time to not see our club members and I hope all of us will be good for the holidays. I have returned to my mother-town to see my relatives and friends in Hong Kong for 2 weeks. The weather over there is very good during the summer time and all members of the families. We felt to a happy to get together and special for young persons, they grow up very quickly. 

I have a very good feeling for the young members of my family, and hope to meet them again on my next trip.

Best regards to all our members.

Also, you might have noticed a few pictures of the older buds above. These are our Socially Isolated Senior Selfies! I'm going around asking older buds to send their selfies to keep in the spirit of our usual Best Day workshops. Take a page from their book and keep in touch with the important people in your life, especially the older buds. If you can't be there in person, please call them, email them, or message them on social media. You can share their stories through our portal right here, and you can volunteer as a transcriber (completely remotely) by emailing us at And if you're just plain passionate about supporting older buds and ending senior isolation, then like us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and share links to your favorite stories. Thanks for reading.

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