Thursday, November 28, 2019

Turkey Reigns (Hazel and Fances)

Best Day has a lot to be Thankful for this year, especially our Tenth Anniversary. But more than the party and the fundraiser, I'm thankful for ten continued years of amazing storytelling. I'm thankful for bringing families together, introducing total strangers to amazing stories, starting and continuing my friendships with lots of cool older buds, spreading Best Day to other states, and even bringing a couple Best Day authors to The Moth. We'll be going to another Moth show on December 2nd, so look out for stories and photos from that event. And look out for Best Day on ABC, NBC, and CBS news as well! We'll update the blog with more information about our news appearances as quickly as possible.

And don't forget to pack these stories in your Best Day Tupperware on your way back from Thanksgiving Dinner:
Hazel Nurse 
Turkey Reigns! 

Since a few members of my family joined me at Thanksgiving, I’ve been trying to remember a certain item of food that I haven’t heard of for decades. 

In this metropolis, one of the largest cities in our nation, every November it is easy to order chicken in most restaurants along with burgers and other beef products. At dinnertime, many types of roasts like lamb, pork, and beef steals also are available. 

However, perhaps you can help me to remember something else since, “Captain Turkey” still seems to reign on most tables. One commercial even advertised a complete Thanksgiving dinner for twelve at a cost of $129.00 featuring turkey. 

Years ago, our family enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with goose and sometimes duck. At this time, those meats seem to be something of the past. How about you?? 

In fact, our family took train rides to Virginia to greet many other family members too!

Frances H. Bryce 
Thanksgiving Trip 

I had planned to stay in Philadelphia for Thanksgiving. I decided that being home instead of queuing up at the airport and being zapped by radiation to see if there was a concealed article hidden out of sight, or that my lotion was 3.2 ounces instead of 3.0 even if the contents had been used a few times, thus a lot less than 3.0 oz., but a trip was in the making after I talked to my sister in South Carolina who said that she now was having a family dinner on Thanksgiving. We had discussed early in the month that she was not doing anything either. Things changed and now I was invited to come on down. I said if the tickets are priced beyond what I am willing to pay, I would not attend. I agreed to check the Internet when I returned from my errands that day. When I looked at my phone, she had found a flight on southwest less than $500.00, my max, leaving on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. 

Monday evening I arranged a pick-up for Tuesday at 4.30 a.m. As faith would have it, Monday night, my phone took an unforgiving swim in the H2O, leaving me out of touch with everyone I knew. No problem, I thought I will get a new phone when I get to South Carolina.  

4:30 a.m., I am dressed and ready for my ride. No one came, now I am concerned. At 4:45, I noticed the gym show signs of light as the staff was arriving. I went to call the cab company from the gym and was informed that they had tried to get in touch earlier, but to no avail. I said that my phone was not working, the person answering the call said I should get a new phone and hung up. A staff member walked over to get my bags and stayed with me as I was prepared to walk up to the corner to try and hail a cab. The staff person stayed by my side and a cab was hailed almost immediately. I arrived at the airport on time. My flight was on time. I had a great Thanksgiving, got a new phone, and had a tale to share.

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