Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Treats (Norman and José)

Happy Halloween everyone! Last week, this week, and the week after was is and will be filled with lots of treats (and the occasional trick.) This week is obvious, because of Halloween, and next week will be because of our tenth anniversary celebration. But last week we had a treat we didn't expect. Paul Funaro, one of the heads of New Courtland Senior Services, stopped by one of our workshops to get a feel for what it was all about. He was treated to an offering of several Halloween stories, a Día de Muertos story from José and a few extra slice-of-life stories from some of our older buds. Paul will be working at our 10th Anniversary Celebration as well, so we were glad to give him a refresher of what Best Day was all about before our big day.

Only one more week until our Tenth Anniversary Celebration! We're looking to decorate the Philadelphia Senior Center with lots of stories form lots of older buds! Send us their stories through this form. And if you want to do more to end senior isolation, click here to participate in our celebration at the Philadelphia Senior Center, 509 South Broad Street, Friday November 8th, 10AM-4PM. Or if you’re looking to bring our storytelling experiences to your workplace, check out our lunch and learn.

And as an extra Halloween treat for you, please enjoy these stories from Norman and José.

Norman Cain 
Two Almost Missed Birthday Parties 

Several weeks ago, I received from two members of my west Phila Senior Center line-dancing club, separate birthday party invitations. Also, I purchased a ticket for a Halloween at St. Ignatius Catholic Church Rec Hall, which was to be given by the facilitator.  

The first event was to be held at the Upper Darby Recreational Center, where a lady would be holding her 85th birthday and the second event was scheduled to be held at the Clifton Heights Polish Club in it’s Champagne Room.  

I got to the 85th Birthday Party without mishap. I must say, it was a successful event. 

The Halloween and Clifton Heights events were a different story because of transportation mishaps. I had scheduled the Halloween event via CTT for a Saturday night, however, the van came on Friday instead of Saturday. Not my fault. Because CTT does not accept 1-day reservations, I accepted not being able to go to the event.  

Luckily, a lady in my neighborhood called to say that she was going to the party and I could ride with her. 

Now for the second party mishap: When I boarded the bus at 69th Street last Sunday to go to the Clifton Heights 70th Birthday Party, the bus drive assured me that he would make sure I reached my destination. Not true. He let me off blocks from the event.  Luckily, a kind man picked me up in his truck and took me to my destination.  

Two folks sent to me by fate had me enjoy two wonderful birthday parties.

Jose Dominguez 
Dia De Los Muertos 

No Halloween for me. No memories of candies, lollipops, or chocolates. For me, the celebration was Dia de Los Muertos. The celebration was covered in two days. The first, on November first was the celebration of all the Saints. In included of course saints, babies, who die baptized, etc. The second day was November 2nd and it was to commemorate all the rest of the souls of dead people. In this day, they have the permission to visit us so that’s why we prepare with good, ornaments, candles, just to please those souls in their day of whatever they are. My real memories are going to the cemetery to take flowers to our closest persons who happened to be buried there. Many, many people crowded the place – seniors, adults, babies coming and going, taking flowers to the graves or cleaning the areas, or serving food as a present.

Happy Halloween, and Happy 10th Anniversary of Best Day!

Curated by Caitlin Cieri