Thursday, April 18, 2019

Easter Egg (Delores and Rochelle)

The older buds have a lot of freedom in what they write about, and I always get the best stories from them as a result. The downside is that there's no guarantee an older bud will write a holiday story in time for that holiday, especially when I write my posts one week after every session. Occasionally, an older bud writes a story about a certain holiday months before it appears on the calendar. And so it was for older bud Delores, who wrote this story about Easter surprises right here, and older bud Rochelle who wrote about gaining her religion:

Delores Wilson
Easter Sunday Surprise

Our request was made by my two brothers and myself for three baby chicks for Easter.
At that period of time time, it was allowed to dye baby chicks for Easter. My mom said yes. She approached us again and asked if we preferred to dye easter eggs instead. We said we wanted to dye baby chickens. My mom said okay but we must keep the basement clean, spick and span. that was one of the most exciting experience we had – we each had our own baby chick.
Easter was early that year, it was in March instead of April. It was common knowledge that baby chicks that were dyed had a short life span. Well, I want to tell you, as the weeks turned into months, they began to lose their feathers and new feathers were growing in.
My mom and dad, both Southerners, were amazed. They didn’t think our chicks would last two weeks. Well, we had a rooster, and he woke my father up at 4:00 am every morning and two hens.
I overheard my mom on the phone saying, “I didn’t expect the chicks to last that long.” Her Easter surprise!

Rochelle Tynes
Before Christ

Before Jesus got his hands on me completely, I would give people pieces of my mind when they pissed me off by saying things that were of no concern to them in regards to me, relating to how I wore my clothes, combed my hair, walked, talked, just anything that struck their nerve or fancy. I would argue, cuss, and get very angry.
Since Jesus got his hands on me, I very seldom respond to negative remarks. However, I do respond at times, not too often and then I spend a great deal of time asking the Lord to please continue to cover me with his/the blood and forgive my dumb responses to these people. People (some) of them say things that they assume or think are true about you. My position usually is to explain why I have acted in such a manner to cause this reasoning or ignore them. But today, I responded and spent a great deal of time beating myself up for responding, thinking that I had a choice to ignore the situation or respond differently. I know what the whole scenario will soon fade from my mind but right now, it’s still fresh and I have to ask for the after BC effect to take over.
BC is before Christ, it takes over and directs you to walk differently in a more positive way – even though we can, and will go astray.

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And for one final Easter treat, enjoys these senior selfies courtesy of Frances and brand new older bud Philip.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Easter!
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