Thursday, March 14, 2019

Women's Day (Eleanor, Frances, Delores)

Like I said last week, March is International Women’s Month, a month to celebrate the women that make history. Best Day has no shortage of women historians, but imagine my surprise last week to find that our session was made up entirely of women! All the male older buds were either sick or otherwise occupied, so last week the girls were running the world. 

Not only that, but Eleanor’s story was featured in the most recent issue of the Milestones Newspaper. Of course, she read it aloud to all of us before posing, but you can read it yourself over here, along with a nice selection of stories from our women writers.

Eleanor Kazdan
Tidying Up

Like thousands of other Netflix subscribers, I have been watching the series, "Tidying Up." The graceful, adorable, diminutive, upbeat Marie Kondo dances into people's homes to help them declutter and face their piles of possessions. These people are not "hoarders" in the technical sense, but just ordinary people with a lifetime of stuff to deal with. 
My first thought when I started watching the program was that I was way beyond needing advise in this department, since I am constantly throwing things out, even things I need later. I even once diagnosed myself as a "compulsive de-clutterer" after reading an article in the Oprah Magazine. When I moved from a large suburban house 13 years ago, I got rid of a ton of things including most of my furniture. 
After watching 2 episodes - one about empty nesters wanting to downsize, another about a new widow having to face her husband's possessions, I began to realize it was time to take stock. Marie counsels people to only keep items that "spark joy." Other items should be thanked for their service and discarded. She sees meaning in each thing. 
I realized that I was hanging on to a lot of stuff that is cluttering my life. Things that remind me of lost friendships, clothing that remind me I am no longer 35 and don't have a waistline. So, once again, I am facing the passage of time and trying to move forward - trying to declutter my life.

Frances H Bryce 
Sailing, Sailing 

Vacation each year, all the places we would like to go requires that a vote is taken to determine who gets their favorite place.
My husband knew I wanted to go to Canada, my kids, Disneyland or some amusement park. He stated that a sailing trip would be his wish with a side trip to Disneyland, he said that he would not vote. I was doomed from the start. With two kids voting for their vacation wish and my one vote for Canada, he did not need to vote in order for us to go sailing with a side trip to Disneyland.
He had already stacked the odds in his favor and also pleased the kids. 
The preparation for the sailing adventure began. We were enrolled in a sailing class with a crew, captain, and five other families that would be a part of the sailing trip from Chesapeake Bay to Florida. Our boat was a 28-foot craft that we learned was unsinkable – a great relief for me, each boat had a motor in case there was no wind to propel us and we were left far behind, we could use the motor.
The captain of our boat (my husband) did not want to think about using the motor, after all, it was a sailboat, trenching the sheets (sail) meant a great deal to him. The boat was equipped with a tiny galley, a place to sleep, and a toilet that required several pumping before a flush was assured.
All of the boats got on the way, heading out to sea. The wind gave us a good start and soon died down, no matter how much trimming of the sails our captain did, we were soon behind the other boats. My son and daughter began telling my husband we were too far behind the other boats and please use the motor to keep up. Finally, my husband relented, unhappy as he was because a sailor uses sails, not a motor.
Our first rendezvous was met with great excitement. We anchored our boat and ran to a restroom, a real live flush.
We saw magnificent ships carrying cargo, other ships that made our boat seem like toys.
It was our first family trip out in the ocean and a desire for my husband and daughter to plan another trip. I am waiting to sail on the huge ships with luxury cabins, and of course toilets that require no pumping.
We all enjoyed the trip to Disneyland. 

Delores Wilson
Lunch With George Bush Senior

When I initially received an invitation to attend a George Bush luncheon at North East high school i was going to decline, however when had my quiet time that morning, I was instructed by the Lord to attend. That was a Sunday morning. That evening i received a call from my son's school. It was the principal telling me to go because the President of the United States of America was going to be there. That was my confirmation for me. i realized if i had lived in a monarch country, it would be the same as being summoned by a king or queen. I was given permission to go by my job. At the time i worked 3 to 11. I'm thankful that I went. I saw for myself that President George Bush is a people person, has a great sense of humor, and handsome. I liked him.
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