Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hattie (A Night to Remember)

Let’s keep the party spirit flowing! Happy 82nd birthday to our bud Hattie who's been a part of our group since its very first day - the first birthday we celebrated of hers was her 77th, back in May 2010!

Hattie Ellerbe
A Night to Remember

All week long, my daughter and granddaughter were getting me ready for my birthday. This would be my 82nd year. They wanted it to be special!

We were going to one of my favorite restaurants on Sunday. On Saturday we were going to a luncheon and fashion show. They wanted me to look “just right.” They got me a new “hair-do”…got my eyebrows arched… bought me couple of new outfits and seemed to be satisfied with their purchases.

On Saturday, Karen came to pick me up to go. We had to stop by and pick up her Godmother Yvonne, who was going with us. As usual, we had to wait for Yvonne because the building was having a demonstration and it was almost over. We had to go in and wait for her.

As we got to her community room, the door was opened and it seemed like everyone I have ever known in my life yelled, “SURPRISE.”

It is the end of the month.

I am still in shock.

Thanks to my wonderful daughter Karen and granddaughter Wanda for a most memorable time. I am still in shock. I love you so much.