Thursday, June 11, 2015

Brenda (A Look in the Rearview Mirror)

In the last few blog posts, I’ve had fun celebrating some current milestones with you! Inspired by Brenda’s story here, what do you say about switching gears here and going down memory lane together for a little bit? Stay tuned – in the next blog posts I will share a few stories by our seniors about past moments and choices. Are there any past moments or choices in your life that Brenda's story has reminded you of? Tell us about it here:

Brenda Scantlebury
A Look In The Rearview Mirror

Taking a look in the rearview mirror can sometimes jog your memory of what has happened in your life. This look may either bring joy or sadness. Happy days in times past or thoughts that can bring a tear to the eye. Hopefully –

Your look in the rearview mirror will bring joy to your heart and life! Maybe you will see yourself sliding down the sliding board at the park or swinging high up toward the trees. You might recall a ride on the merry-go-round or carousel… Whee….ee! You might even see yourself at Graduation, walking up to the platform to receive your diploma! Maybe you'll remember that first crush, that first- kiss! You also may see yourself walking down the middle aisle at the church, being a bride or a groom-to get married! Dancing and rejoicing! Whatever the event was – take note of it and let it remind you of what you learned from that experience and how it brought change – how it has helped your life!