Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brenda and Beatrice (The Best Days of OUR Lives So Far)

The question is... ARE YOU READY FOR US :) ? Can't wait to rock the stage tomorrow in front of 400 college students and faculty from different cities, at the 2013 Northeast Regional Honors Council Conference, co-hosted by La Salle University!!

To  see other events that we've hosted and participated in over the years, check out our Event Listing page! Thank you to all of you who have reached out to us to participate in your events or donated venues and snacks ;) so we can host our own. We love huddling around our weekly writing table, and we love hanging out with you all 24/7 here on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, but nothing - absolutely nothing - compares to hitting the stage and seeing a whole auditorium of young listening faces... and hearing our seniors' voices and confidence magnify.

Brenda Scantlebury
Transgenerational Views of Philadelphia

Today we’re focusing on our presence tomorrow, Friday April 5, at the 2013 Conference of the Northeast Regional Honors Council.

There will be students from various cities touring the city of Philadelphia to do research of our city’s past and present. Their observations and studies will be shared with the seniors from our storytelling and writing class.

This exchange should spark discovery and memory from both the students and seniors. These conversations can produce a transgenerational connection that will help the older and younger ones.

Beatrice Newkirk
The Best Days of Our Lives So Far

Our writing class is a beginning not an end. We started off small and are reaching out big. It is because of our teacher Mrs. Benita Cooper. We have learned so much from her. Being around her is special. She lights up the room.

We have visitors who are here too. We enjoy having them here. Everyone is welcome to our class. We also have new members who have joined our class.

We are going on a trip Friday (tomorrow). I know everything will be alright. We all work together.