Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mo (Payphones)

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Check out the sunny, breezy Philly skies – ok that calls for a daydreamy story for today! Hey, so let’s talk payphones… remember those? Yeah, rock bands write metaphorical songs about them these days and our seniors write real-life stories about them too. It’s practically impossible, you know, not to imagine Adam Levine hanging out with our senior buds (yes I wish! Is that ok to say that here? Adam if you are reading this yes this is your official invite to our class…) and singing his hit song in our classroom, when Mo read his story out loud. I mean, payphones aren’t around anymore but boys calling girls – and all the hopes and dreams and emotions that go along with that – are here to stay ;)

Just in case you want some background music for Mo’s story, HERE is a link to Adam/Maroon 5’s playlist.

Mo McCooper

Some of us, like me, did not have telephones at home.  Others just did not want to be heard.  And so, there were pay telephones in most neighborhoods.  Some, mostly in drug stores, had a door you could close behind you.

Mostly grownups used the pay phones.  I don’t think I used one until I was in 11th grade.  They only cost 5 cents but most of us were too shy to call girls on the phone.

Most of the ladies were at the playgrounds or going on group walks in to the woods or little farms nearby and at the Saturday matinees at the movies.  There were also weekend parties without dates.  Sometimes friends came to family dinners.