Wednesday, August 15, 2012

High School Shoutout

Hey! Are you a high school student, parent or teacher? Or know someone who is?

Good news - we've made it easier than ever for teens to comment on our seniors' stories. 5 easy steps. That's it! Selected teens and high schools will be featured in upcoming blog posts.

So teens - pop open the Comment tab and try it out. Get out in writing anything that pops into your mind. And get creative on how you'd like to share our flier: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, texts, ... maybe even print out some hard copies and pin them up at a local hangout or on your school's bulletin board.

Thank you for submitting a comment and telling your friends! Here is a look at what some other teens have said, and what your words mean to our seniors and all of us:

At an all-ages public event co-hosted by AARP, Free Library of Philadelphia, and Best Day, 17-year-old Olivia shared that Joe's story gave her a new appreciation for the visually impaired: "I discovered that I was the one who couldn’t see after I was enlightened by their insight." Click to hear the voices of this dynamic duo.
In a story entitled "Pre-Judgment" Norman confesses that before participating in our storytelling class, he was "leery of young people." Hearing the stories of his peers in person and seeing younger readers' responses to these stories online caused his change of heart. Click to hear Norman's candid confession.

Click to hear 16-year-old Madi talk about her participation in our program, and how Loretta's stories about homelessness has impacted her schoolwork and life. Madi first joined our class as a visitor, then became a regular attendee, and soon became a core intern and volunteer leading various aspects of the program both in person and behind the scenes.