Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mo (Transportation)

Have you guys seen my lil’ bud Jasmine’s videos in the last couple blog posts? Ahh, she was so amazing. Having her in class really made my day. And rewatching the videos just made my day again!  Did you guys like how she went around asking the seniors – or as she calls them, her “classmates” ;) – to tell her more about the stories they had just written? My favorite part was when she asked Mo about getting detention, “You didn’t like it, did you?”

Stay tuned for more visits by Jasmine… summer break is coming and that means we’ll be welcoming youth from the neighborhood once more – and yes yes yes that includes our amazing Jasmine!! Love this time of the year!

Mo McCooper

Our high school was in West Philadelphia.  If we were late getting there we had to stay after school.  It was called “Detention”.
The first day of 9th grade, Louie and I took a bus to Philadelphia where we got on a trolley to Lancaster Avenue (one of the first highways in America) where we changed to another trolley to 47th street.  It took a very long time.  We were late.  Detention was boring and strict.  The teacher in charge would leave the room off and on for a period of time.
When the teacher came back he would burst through the door and point at the kids talking or out of their chairs and send them to the back of the room where they were told to give their names and were  assigned to work for the janitor or spend an additional week in detention.
The second day we went to our town’s railroad station to take the train to West Philadelphia and then walk down hundreds of steps to Lancaster Avenue where we took a trolley to the school.  We were late again.  We went to detention again.