Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Miss Mo (Playing Tricks on Dad)

A couple blog posts ago, Big Mo showed us what it means to get into trouble by accident; here’s Little Mo showing us how to get into trouble… on purpose!

Missouri Grier
Playing Tricks on Dad

My mother told me to go OUTSIDE and sit on the front steps.  I was told not to get off the steps.  Sitting there with nothing to do, I was thinking of what to do.  Something to do while sitting there.

My father was asleep on the living room floor.  The only thing I could do was play tricks on him, so I went into the house, got my jump rope, tied one end to the sofa, the other to his foot, went outside, rang the bell. 

He tried to get up and could not.  It was funny to me but not to him.  He was angry but I did not get punished.  My mother stepped in—and SAVED me.