Friday, May 4, 2012

Helen (Moots)

Philly is one sunny town right now. I just went out for an ice cream cone with my husband, and that makes for a super Friday! We hung out on the park bench and sat next to a guy playing the guitar. Kids were climbing on little animal-shaped park sculptures, and big and small dogs came passing by. And I thought, when I get back to my laptop, before I get back to my work, I’ve got to post Helen’s story about Moots!! I am in a sunny, funny kind of mood right now and come on Moots, I need you to make it last!

Helen H. Lahr

My daughter and I were just sitting around last Saturday, talking and reminiscing about past experiences, when I recalled something that happened when I was a child.

A neighbor had given my sister and I a puppy.  Immediately, we decided to name him “Moots”.  Moots became our pride and joy!

Well, one day something unexpected happened!  My mother washed and hung the clothes outside, as usual.  “Moots” went out in the yard and was running around having fun, when he suddenly headed for the sleeve of my father’s shirt and tugged and tugged as it tore off! 

We were petrified.  What was Daddy going to do?  To surprise and delight, my father looked and just said, “Next time, watch him.”