Monday, January 16, 2012

Let Freedom Ring On!

Happy Martin Luther King Day, everyone! For me, today used to be the name of just another holiday, until I heard these stories, and saw the passion in my senior buds' eyes as they told them. It took listening to my senior buds' stories for me to really "get" it. It took watching them - many of whom happen to be African American - speak out loud about their personal experiences for me to realize that Dr. King's spirit is alive in all of them. And because of so many reasons - including the fact that I am an Asian American who gets the privilege of hanging out with my senior buds of all races - I too should be grateful for the freedom that this holiday represents.

Click Here to see what today means to Helen, Beatrice, Hazel, and Loretta. I posted this batch of stories one year ago but I thought maybe we can reread them together today ;)

And hey, if you have a younger bud of your own, how about sharing this batch of stories so we can all help freedom ring on?