Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Right to Party

If you are a Facebook fan of ours, first off thank you for being awesome, and second, have you been checking out our latest class photos? Yes, we’ve got a lot of birthdays recently, almost one every other week. And you know how we roll: no bdays go uncelebrated!! How sweet does Robert look here in front of his millions of cupcakes, with his wife and best friends by his side? His daughter had baked all the cupcakes at home, then his wife brought them in, accompanying Robert to class for the first time. A full-scale family operation ;)

Food, fun, family, friends. Even though these are technically bday photos, is it alright to say that they embody the holiday spirit and our class’ constant party spirit as well?

(Christmas is in 5 days! Can you believe it’s here so soon? Yup, we’ve got a Christmas story for you. See you in a few. And a friendly reminder: for loads more photos, "like" us on Facebook!)

Robert Leung
The Best Day of My Life Story

My name is Yuk Tsun (Bobby) Leung. I call this story the best day of my life because after I joined this wonderful class in the senior center, I’ve met a lot of different peoples of all kinds and all colors. Because we are all human beings and we live in the same world, I come to the class each week and learn a lot.

I told my family and my children. They are all very, very happy for me. I look forward to each Thursday of every week. When I go to class, we all have a good day so that’s why I call it “The Best Day of My Life.”

Yours Truly,
Robert Leung