Friday, December 3, 2010

Mo (The Big Surprise)

And now, the answer we’ve all been waiting for… What went through Mo’s mind at our event when we pulled the huge surprise on him? Huge literally. We showed a beautiful video on the big screen that Kathleen, one of his daughters in California, had made specifically for the event. Listen to our podcast on the blog sidebar and you’ll hear the audio portion of the entire video!

For several months prior, Steve (our project’s filmmaker) and I had so much fun scheming this surprise with Kathleen from opposite sides of the country. And I gotta say it was very tricky not to spill the beans about something this exciting – I’m one of those people who can’t keep a straight face, my husband has timed me and determined that my face can stay straight for, oh, like two seconds max. So yup, Kathleen and I are still giving ourselves virtual high fives over email for pulling this one off!

P.S. Shoutout to Mo’s other children as well: so cool that you are all so supportive of your dad. The fact that you’re so proud of him makes him so proud of you – he tells us that every week.

Mo McCooper
The Big Surprise

This past Sunday was one of the more rewarding days of my life.  As part of our Writing Group appearing on stage at the Library’s main auditorium, I was asked to sit down for a moment because Mrs. Benita Cooper, our wonderful teacher, had a surprise for me. 

When directed to look up and behind me at the huge screen, I was immediately amazed to see my lovely daughter, Kathleen, explaining to the audience how much she loved our program and Benita’s wonderful efforts to develop our website.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just wanted to pick Benita up and give her a huge hug.

My kids called me all week to talk. Kathleen told me that her husband was the one who filmed her in the backyard. He did a fantastic job.