Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hattie (Christmas 1964)

How about one more - can you guys handle one more Christmas holiday cheer? If you’ve got a sibling, I don’t know, you may pick up a couple Life Lessons and/or Tricks Up Your Sleeves in this story…! Have a fabulous day everyone!

Hattie Lee Ellerbe
Christmas 1964

When the children were young we always tried to give them at least 3 things they really wanted for Christmas. Karen was 11 years, she was the first born and an only child for 5 years and needless to say very, very spoiled. Her list always had to be shortened.

Kevin was 6 years old and sort of self-willed/ He selected 3 things, no problem. You can be sure, they were things he could have for a long time after Christmas.

Keith was 4 at the time and for weeks before Christmas all he wanted was a wagon.
As Christmas grew near Karen’s list started to get longer, Kevin’s list was solid and Keith just wanted a wagon.

A few days before Christmas, Karen’s list was surprisingly limited to 3 thins. Kevin’s list was unchanged . Much to our surprise, Keith’s list had really grown. He still wanted a wagon but he also wanted …
- An easy bake oven
- A Betsy Wetsy Doll
- A set of dishes
- A pair of skates
To this day Karen has a special relationship with her little brother Keith.