Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mo (Girls)

Read at your own risk... oh yes read it, read it, all I'm saying is, my jaw was wide open by the end of this one. Here's Mo recalling in detail (and uh-huh I mean PG13-rated detail) the trials and tribulations of his first teenage years. Poor Mo. OK now - brace yourself for a little shock and a lot of heart.
By 6th grade, some of the girls had smiles that distracted me from daydreaming which was my main activity at school. Slipping library looks inside the text books also had gotten me through the awful boredom. A desire to stay awhile in the cloakroom at the back of the classroom with a girl in my grade remained unfulfilled. At the playground, a few of the Irish girls would play a little baseball or basketball with their brothers and the rest of us. At one corner of the huge playground was a garage for town trucks and about 25 cement tunnel pieces which were perfect for sixth graders to hug and kiss in. We all wondered if we were the one Sally liked the best. These encounters were incredibly innocent although the word BONER was coming into the conversation at times. Connecting the protrusion in my knickers to sex had still not occurred to me.