Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Henrietta (Yes But)

Hope you don't mind I'm dedicating this week's blog posts to Henrietta. Just thought I'd try something different this time around, and more importantly because her writing needs it, it demands center stage. Below is a sampler of her poems - we'll start off with an edgy one, then a softer one, then finish off with a nice, simple one about the senior center itself. BTW is "Yes But" the greatest title of all time or what? When a poem has that for a title, it's gotta be read. Oh yeah, I'm all for judging a book by its cover and a poem by its title!

Yes But

You got to go day to day.
I want to know, how will you
Go from day to day? Oh! Life is
An all day thing, 24 hours of
Heaven or hell!

When life's one hell it's full of hate
Each moment is worse than Death
Could be your fate.
As others live past Hours of Life.

But who said Life is fair?

Many only like Hypnotized life.
Life so
Deeply Hypnotized all Life long.
Strung out on Emotional Highs
And Lows that can kill Elephants.

And there is one other thing.
You will be here
From one day to the Next.
And Night
And Winter Can be Long or Cold
And nobody tells you come October!
How no one really gets out alive!

Yes but? You got to go day
To Day.
I Want to know. How will you go
From to day to day?
Oh! Life is an all day thing. 24 hours
Of Heaven or Hell!

Roses Not Ashes

If  I did not have ashes
There will be no roses
Now that's a phenomenon
I've no words for this
I'm part the push.

The prayer is all up in the answers.

To all my prayers
To all my prayers
Source has answered all my payers
While I get there.

While I can see, and smell the
Roses After years of Ashes
Now we live days of Roses
I glorify source Moment by Moment.

For days of Living Roses not Ashes
Welcome the Holy Ghost have
Your way in the Days of
Roses Not
Ashes. Looking back at my life

Through all of the Ashes days
I Bless Source for His
Presence, Power, and Plenty, and the
Loss of Days of Ashes to get the
Days of Living Roses. Praise God
For the days of Living Roses.
Angels please take this to the next level.


At the corner of the future is
Like a shining path. You see it.
There it was a light. Help in hope and prosperity.
And there it is. At the corner of the
Future is P.S.C. Philadelphia Senior Center.
A place of hope at a time when you must find
Like minded people, to join, to build your future.
Never before now, and all over 60 years old.
You need a place to be, do, and create.
Times have changed. See globe financial crisis?
Be real, be each globe change.
See you There in the future!