Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Most Beautiful Theory in the World

Five minutes into class and the seniors were already into their rowdy party mode. Today's class was filled with capital-letter-m Moments, the type that takes just a minute to unfold but thoroughly blows my mind. I promise I'll get to them on this blog later this week, but this one right here, this one is so beautiful that I can't contain it any longer. I've got to write this down right away so I can remember it fresh and forever. After reading her story "When I was Seventeen," Bernice said:
 If you love a man enough, your son comes out looking exactly like him, so that you can never forget how much you love your husband. Same thing for when a man loves a woman, their daughter comes out looking exactly like the mom. When I see my son Jerome, all I can think of is how much I loved my husband. So much has changed since my husband passed away but I will never forget how much we cared about one another.