Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hattie (Riches)

The first time I met Helen, I was immediately struck by a certain-something that she carries about her. I guess I can call it aura but that just sounds too bizarre and psychedelic for my taste. Months went by and I started to assume that her certain-something just happens, that she was born with this lucky layer of goodness around her skin and that’s that. Then she told her story, “Riches” and finally I understood. Through seventy-six years of ups and downs – in other stories she’s told us about losing her mom when she was only five – she has made the conscious choice to be thankful for the full lot of it, for all of life, not just this event or that. And when someone is so completely thankful, it just shows.

Hope this story gives you a nice little kickstart to your Thanksgiving week!

Hattie Lee Ellerbe

I feel so rich! I tell my children that they are my jewels. They make me wealthy - all I need is a little bit of money (smile). They really make my life complete.

Besides my children, grands, great grands and one great-great grand, I have many nephews who outnumber my nieces. Out of the five girls born to my parents, we each had one daughter. We had no brothers; they had no sisters.

The game of “suspense” played by family members – Who is Aunt Hattie’s Favorite. As I hug each one at family gatherings, I whisper to them quite confidentially, “You know you are my favorite.” Over the years they have come to know – they are all my favorites.

I am also the family clown or comedian. God gave me a good sense of humor. I love to be around happy people. It is impossible to be happy all of the time, but happy times are the best memories of my life.