Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Helen (An Exciting Outing)

This right here is the stuff that memory is made of. Before reading, Helen said to us, “Deidre still talks all the time about this. This meant so much to her.” I know when I heard the story, I didn't want it to end.

Helen H. Lahr

November 12, 2009

It was Wednesday and Deidre, waiting with great excitement, could hardly contain herself. Although this was an outing that occurred at least twice a month, it was always exciting! You see, Mom-mom was coming to take her in town. In town was Market Street. This was a “private trip” including only a grandmother and a very young granddaughter. Finally, after what seemed like hours to Deidre, the bell rang and there was Mom-mom on the front porch.

I stood in the front door watching as they went down the street. Deidre was holding Grandmom’s hand tightly and looking up into her face as they walked along.

They came to the corner where they waited for the trolley car. Finally, the trolley came and they boarded it – by Mom-mom lifting Deidre up the steps. To Deidre the ride into Center City was thrilling. She never tired of it. Then they reached 13th and Market Streets. They exited the bus and entered Woolworth’s Store. They walked to a showcase full of luscious candies. Mom-mom asked Deidre what kind of candy she wanted. “I would like to have the coconut candy with the pink, white and chocolate stripes,” said Deidre. Mom-mom purchased some and gave her the bag containing the goody. Of course, this was like a ritual that was repeated twice a month. Mom-mom would also buy chocolate turtles and hard caramel candy. She always kept a bowl of candy in the center of her kitchen table for busy little fingers.

Next, they would walk into Strawbridge’s Store and head for the bakery where Mom-mom would purchase some of the delicious rolls. You see, Mom-mom would bake hot biscuits every day for Pop-pop. And because, today, she elected to take her granddaughter on an outing, she would heat some of these rolls for dinner for her beloved husband.

It was always a thrill to come to Strawbridge’s because Deidre got to either ride in the elevator or on the escalator steps. Up, up and away they went to the second floor. Mom-mom brought several pretty dresses for her granddaughter to see. Deidre didn’t realize that her grandmother made the final decision as to which dress was bought.

Finally, it was time to eat, so they went to one of the small tables on the main floor. “It was so much fun chatting with my lovely grandmother as we ate our lunch,” Deidre was to remark later.

Still chatting and holding on to her Mom-mom, Deidre was once again lifted onto the bus and was on her way home.

When they arrived home, Deidre rushed into the house to show me her beautiful dress.

Her little face was brimming with happiness!