Thursday, April 23, 2020

Keeping Up (Carolyn and Philip)

Good afternoon, everyone. Some of you may have noticed our Socially Distant Senior Selfies these past few weeks. I intended them to be a way to keep our Senior Selfie tradition going, and a safe way to see how Best Day's older buds are doing. However, you may have also noticed that the selfies are of the same four older buds. That's because not every older bud is comfortable with sharing their photos outside of Senior Selfies. Some of them aren't sure how to take selfies, and some of them are a bit more cautious about sharing their photos online. so I'm thinking of other ways for everyone to keep up with their older buds. Maybe a sentence from each bud to say how they're doing, maybe stories submitted during the shelter-in-place order, maybe something else entirely. And if you want to get in touch with your favorite older buds in a special way, you can always send them a note.

No matter what you do, don't forget to read and share the older buds' stories. After all, this humble blog reunited a mother and daughter not too long ago:

Carolyn Boston
The Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

                  Last week my great niece and I took a tour of the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden located in the West Philadelphia section of Fairmount Park.  I planned for many years to visit the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden but never had the opportunity to do so.

            The serenity and elegance of the Shofuso House with its many waterfalls, rock gardens and weeping willow trees left me with a sense of peace and tranquility.  I was transported to 17th century Japan and experienced the simplicity and beauty of this Japanese house. 

            The first thing required is to remove your shoes before entering the house.  The tour guide explained every facet and function of the house.  She thoroughly explained the ritual of the tea ceremony and what all the gestures represent. 

            For an experience away from the stress of life and a view of an entirely different lifestyle and an environment yields a restoration of mind, body and spirit, I would highly recommend a visit the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden.

Philip Pai
The Story About Myself

I was born in Hunan China. When I was young, I follow my parents to escape mainland to Hong Kong in order escape being killed by Communists. I attend the primary school and secondary school at Hong Kong then went to Taiwan to attend the college over there. Then back to Hong Kong I get B.A. degree at the University of Taiwan. 

When I was at Hong Kong I get teachers job at then I taught at school many year. Then move to United States in order to help my uncle’s restaurant which located at North Phila. But my uncle’s restaurant business is not so good.  He sold the restaurant. Then I get a job from my uncle’s friend.  I worked there as manager many years.  I like my job so much though the salary is not so good, but still can help my family.

I like study bible, and go to church, when I have spare time.

There's lots of different ways to keep in touch with the older buds in your life. If you can't be there in person, please call them, email them, or message them on social media. And if they're using teleconferencing or remote events for the first time, give them a call and help them set things up. Check in on them to see how well they're getting used to these programs. You can share your older buds' stories through our portal right here, and you can volunteer as a transcriber (completely remotely) by emailing us at If you're an older bud yourself, you can share your story through this portal right here. And if you're just plain passionate about supporting older buds and ending senior isolation, then like us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and share links to your favorite stories. And check us out on 6ABC news, too! Thanks for reading.
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