Thursday, January 16, 2020

In and Out (Carolyn and Philip)

It's wintertime and the living is breezy. We often have people breezing in and out of Best Day, for a myriad of reasons. Philip Pai is an excellent writer, but he won't come to Best Day unless he knows exactly what he'll write about. Sometimes I'll see him in the cafeteria, and then he'll vanish as soon as I turn my back. I've tried for months to give him a copy of one of his stories, before I realized he likes to leave right after lunch. I finally gave it to him last week.

Another older bud, Carolyn, has been good about coming to Best Day until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately she had some health challenges, but she's recovering. It feels like all sorts of health issues pop up in Winter, even in a Winter as warm as this. Regardless, everyone at Best Day is sending Carolyn our best wishes.

Carolyn Boston
Nature's Miracle
There is a fairly large population of geese in the area where I live. Last year, a female goose gave birth to five goslings on the roof of the building where I reside. Unfortunately, all of her babies perished because they fell into a concrete pit that houses a large exhaust system used for the building. The residents in my building watched the mother goose brave rain, snow, sleet, and severe cold weather as she sat on her eggs, keeping them warm and protecting them from the harsh elements. As myself and the residents watched this birthing play out on the roof, we marveled at her dedication and commitment to bringing her goslings into the world. It was a tragedy to see those goslings die. Many of the residents wept openly. This mother and her mate remained at the site verbally and lamented the loss of their children. We felt the parents grief as they honked in sadness for two solid weeks. Another root rose out of the gravel and concrete was a single lone free branch. It spiraled high in the air. It was a promise to the mom and dad that there would be restoration. At least that’s what we all perceived it to be. After that, the branch disappeared.
This April, 2019, the goose gave birth again in the exact same spot. I vowed that I would contact the PA Game Commission so that those goslings would not perish (tragedy would not repeat itself).
Another resident contacted them and the State Game Warden traveled all the way from Reading, PA with his daughter and crew because he said they couldn’t last another day – they would die. They rescued, at this time, all seven of her goslings. Even though these babies could not eat, they were strong and beautiful. It was a joyful experience to see the gander, mom, and the seven goslings parade off the property. Heads high and rejoicing they had a new living family.

Story About God
Philip Pai
Many years ago when President Mr. Regan was dead, I watched the funeral from the TV. I saw his wife, Nancy and his children. I think he was buried in California (I felt very sorry) beside his library in L.A., California. At last, there was a song that most people sing for him. After I listened, I liked it so much it was very beautiful. I really enjoyed it but I do not know the title.
Months ago, when I went to hear mass, the priest precast the same song … – it [brought] me to remember Mr. Regan. After, I hoped I could find the song title.
Last week, I had a chance to worship God. The father (priest) tells us which page, what number we will sing. After I listened, it’s as the exact song that I wish to look. That is really the gift from God. After I listened, I really enjoyed it. From the book, I know the title is “This Day God Gives Me.”
Thank God kept me so much [and] helped me get a wonderful and beautiful song. When I have time, I will listen to this special song.

I want to give a huge Thank You to everyone who donated to our 10th Anniversary celebration over the past year. You really made our anniversary one to remember. And the party may be over, but we never stop sharing stories. If you or an older bud have a story to share, send them our way right here. Thanks again for everything you've done for us so far, and Happy Holidays.

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