Thursday, July 18, 2019

Unstoppable (Elliot)

I hadn’t seen Elliot at Best Day for a few weeks. I saw him in the cafeteria but he’d usually leave early to pick up a package or go to a doctor’s appointment. This week, Elliot came to Best Day and wrote a story. And I mean he picked up a pen, started writing, and would not stop no matter how long it took. This is huge for him, because he usually has me take dictation and I was prepared to do it again last week. But Elliot was a man on a mission and would not be stopped. And it was one of the funniest stories we ever heard from him:

Elliott Doomes
Kids Are Funny, And Don't Know Is

When I was a small child, my brother William (Bill) was complaining about a pain in his bottom. I said let me see Bill. He pulled down his pants.
I took a long look, becamed very disturbed. I shouted Mom. No wonder Bills bottom hurts. He's got a hole in it. It took years to live that one down. It told over in the family.
My granddaughter asked me one day PopPop do mice like cheese. I responded they sure do. Ten minutes I found her in the shed kitchen dropping cheese behind the washing machine. I shouted what are you doing. PopPop you said mice like cheese. She was about to cry until I started to laugh.

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