Thursday, July 26, 2018

Back on Track (Helen)

It's been a few weeks since I last talked to you guys. I had a lovely time at BlobFest and a nice relaxing vacation, and now I'm ready to get back into my schedule in earnest. The older buds have just as many stories as ever, some of which pop up spontaneously. I'm not able to capture every single story, but I keep track of each one in case somebody gets writers block and needs inspiration. Sometimes you are your best inspiration.

Helen Claybrook 
The Happiest Day of My Life to Date 

My kitty is a real kitty. She has the personality of a jaguar. She hissed at the exterminator. So he will come back next month. Zoey will have to be put in a cage like a wild animal. 

She runs around like she is looking for another animal to take down. She finds every piece of paper on the floor. She knocks over everything that isn’t nailed down. She will not go in dirty pots, like eating my foods. She runs up the front of me. Pushed her off. She runs up the back of me. I told my doctor. He said give her a month to get used to home. She has six more days to shape-up or ship out. When I spotted her in the cage, she had her four with paws up in the air. She was in a little tub with her brother and mother. I love my little Zoey. I am very happy I got her from the shelter. She is three months old. I didn’t ask how long she had to live. But she is living up in Uncer Village.

See you next week, and enjoy your summer!

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