Thursday, June 28, 2018

Father's Day (Norman and Joe)

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you all had a Happy Father's Day a few weeks ago. I woke up early to make my dad shaskshuka and beef short ribs, because mom’s aren’t the only ones who deserve a home-cooked breakfast from their kids on their special day. Before I go into our story, I want to tell you about something else that happened at Best Day.

The Thursday before Father’s Day (the day of the fire drill), I happened to catch older bud Joe asking where Walgreens was. We got to talking, and he said that he and Deborah never had kids of their own, but he likes to buy himself a bottle of cologne each Father’s Day. We had a few minutes until Best Day started, so I walked with him to the nearest drug store so he could get his cologne. Joe’s blind, so I had watch out for whatever his cane couldn’t detect. At traffic intersections I’d say “Red light” or “Green light,” depending on whether it was safe to cross. I told Joe this took me back to my elementary school gym class; we both had a good laugh at that.

In honor of this past Father’s Day, I thought it’d be fun to go through the vaults and see what was written during Fathers’ Days past.

Norman Cain
My Love for Nature

I am fascinated by a colony of industrious bees.
Love to inhale the savory scent of daffodils’
Captivated by the strength of the Shetland pony,
Enthralled by unified worker ants building hills.

I delight in inhaling a shivery spring breeze,
Being mesmerized by resounding oceans roar,
Sighting multi-hued autumn leaves floating from trees,
Strolling across cherry blossom pollen on earthen floor.

The gratifying warmth of a beaming sun upon my face,
The soothing fragrance of a garden of yellow rose,
These are buy a few things concerning nature I embrace:
There is the peacefulness synonymous with a virile grove.

Mother Nature conducting a chorus of chirping birds,
The breath-taking sight of a brilliant full moon night,
Currents of a bubbling creek between pebbles, swerving,
The deep cleansing, soul caressing somberness of twilight.

The vision of autumn’s V formatted migratory fowl
The fascination of witnessing mountain peaked capped snow
The elongated courtship hoot of the Great Horned Owl
The infallibility of untampered ecosystems striving in meadows.

Joe Garrison
The Dead Kennedys

The Dead Kennedys? That makes me think of all those other weird names for bands.
There was the Dead Milkmen and the Chocolate Watch Band. I still think the weirdest one was The Peanut Butter Conspiracy. And there was a band from England and the Beatles gave them their name. I can remember if it was the Family Dog or Grapefruit! There’s some weird names out there like Hootie and the Blowfish and The Greatful Dead.
You know, the song, "Strangers in the Night" was originally called "Beddie-Bye." It was incidental music in a movie, but somebody liked it so much that they put lyrics to it. I only found out about that recently.
I just heard Cake’s version of "Stranger in the Night." I like the whistle noise they do in the background. I just listed to The Bird and the Bee’s cover of "Tonight You Belong to Me." You know after Patience and Prudence made those two records they never grew up to be singers. I never knew what happened to them.

And I leave you with this selfie taken by our guest and Frances' sister, Sadie.
Curated by Caitlin Cieri