Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Frances (Decisions, Decisions)

Have you ever felt like sometimes you stumble across a story and it’s the exact thing you need to hear? Frances’ story is advice that I am filing under “best advice I have ever heard.” I need this story in my back pocket, so I can come back to it over and over again. Figure out which part of your life needs changing. Make a decision to get on the right course. Go for it. I love that. Next time that feeling for change hits me in my gut, you know what story I will be rereading. Thanks, Frances!

Frances Bryce
Decisions, Decisions

My daughter and I had a conversation recently about her career path that has gotten altered. She is now working in a company that she does not like, after being there for the last year. I reminded her that unless she actually pursues another path, the conversation could be repeated at this time a year from now. She agreed.

Often we follow a path that does not lead to the change we desire and let the clock keep ticking, keeps us in the same place. We decide which course our lives will take either by doing something or not.  Course of action is being taken.