Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Joe (MVP)

Summer is almost ending... Nooo! Ha, I am the oddball who doesn't mind sweating out the unbearable late-August heat. Well, hope your summer has been cool and you had some fun catching up with friends. We are always in the mood for a good friendship story around here and today our bud Joe kicks it up a notch and make it an MVP story!

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Joe Garrison 

I’m using this term to describe the most valuable person in a person’s eye – a friend. Could be someone you met at school, could be from work. For me, a family member. A friend is someone what not only you can rely on, but they can rely on you like any relationship, a friendship can at times be rocky when there is a conflict or difference. There is a way you can smooth things over and make things right.

Friends come and go. It’s like anything in life. When I was in school, about 6 years old, I met someone named Bill. We were friends throughout school and drifted apart after graduation. In freshman year, I met a new fellow, Emory Wilson. We had what we would now call a "bromance." Before I left school, I realized he wasn’t all he was cracked up to be: not the guy I thought he was. I realize everyone has faults, but I was disappointed when I found out some things that were very unfavorable. Now I can say that my best friend is my cousin, Sherry. One of the things that amazes me about her is that she is slow to anger and she always seems to be in an upbeat, cheerful 
mood although we can tell when something is troubling her. We are always there for each other and who’s to say family can’t also be your best friends. In sports, an MVP is the most valuable player, but I use the term as the most valuable person because I believe that the most valuable person in everyone’s life is a true, sincere friend.