Friday, May 15, 2015

Surprise! Surprise!

Our volunteers and seniors can't be any more amazing.

Yesterday, I brought my 20-month-old son Kian to our group session, mainly to say "See you in August" to everyone. For the next couple months, I will be hiding out and resting up for Lil Bro's arrival then spending time with both boys while my trusty co-facilitators take turns running the group. I will still (of course!) be reading all of my senior buds' stories as our copy editors type them up and sharing them with you here on the blog.

Well, as I strolled in with Kian, I remember seeing the world's brightest smiles, and perfectly decorated tables with "baby boy" napkins, crazy cupcakes and a full spread of snacks, then a split second later, hearing uncontainable shouts of "Surprise! Surprise!" They had thrown an amazing baby shower for Kian two years ago; I couldn't believe they pulled it off again! The seniors then proceeded to hand me a handknit blanket, cards, and baby clothes.

So no, it wasn't a day when we wrote down stories from the past with pens. It was a day when we co-wrote another unforgettable page in the forever-unfolding, never-ending Best Day story of love. I can’t wait for Lil Bro to meet his amazing Best Day family.