Thursday, May 7, 2015

Brenda and Lady Gray (A Gift to Others)

Just got back from our Book Signing and Storytelling Event at the PSC Green Bean CafĂ©. It was awesome! Our seniors signed a lot of books, and presented a whole lineup of readings that merged recent stories with earlier ones from our storybook. We had professional photographer Natasha Esguerra volunteer her services for the event and will be unveiling photos via Facebook and Twitter – make sure to connect with us there to be the first to see the pics… I know they’re gonna be great! The event as you know from previous blog posts is in honor of Older Americans Month, and what was cool is the conversations that emerged were really about respecting and honoring people in general. I feel like Brenda’s story captures the spirit of the event just right.

Another highlight of the event is that it was really like a family reunion, in some ways. Members from our Pitman Manor, NJ, and Center in the Park, PA, groups drove up to mingle with our Philadelphia Senior Center group. Even though some of us had never met before, it’s like we’ve always known each other through each other’s stories. Lady Gray is one of our CIP group members and wrote gracious comments for the PSC group, mentioning the impact that different stories had on her. I thought that was such a nice gesture, because as a Best Day storyteller herself, she must know how great it feels to know that others are listening and impacted.

Brenda Scantlebury
A Gift to Others

On my birthday, March 12, I sat in a funeral service in New York City. It was a service to celebrate and honor the life of a friend. Many times in our lives, we do not realize how much we mean to one another. Our being or spirit is important to other people. We can be a cloud or bright light like the sun. Our words are important! So it’s best to say or speak good or positive words. Even in passing a stranger, a smile might be the very thing that person needed. Saying “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,” or “Have A Good Day” can encourage someone’s heart. Just hearing the words: “I Love You” means so much! I loved my friend. We are like pieces of a puzzle! When you put all the pieces together; they complete and make the whole picture! We are a gift to others and on another. Amen.

Lady Gray
Older Americans Month Event Comments

“I’m Not Getting Old (Wink Wink), You Are” – what an interesting outlook by Dolores! I heard stories that caused me to flash back to times of my childhood and I heard history! That was inspiring and enlightening. I loved the great debate about paper towel placement in Frances’ story, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” because my mom (age 82) and I would have this debate all the time I was growing up. Nice to know I was not alone. I really appreciated Elliot’s words in “What Did I Really Know” because at one time, I thought I knew everything. Now, just like him, I know I have more to learn. A young audience member said, “What is most personal is universal.” I agree 100%.