Saturday, February 14, 2015

Jana (Anticipating)

For those of you who have hung out with us all these years, you know a lot of us here at Best Day love Valentine’s Day and aren’t afraid to admit it – myself included! I have waited for the perfect moment to share this story with you by one of our fabulous volunteer facilitators Jana, and here we are. Jana’s got one of the kindest, biggest hearts I have ever known. It’s like… the instant she enters our room, the room just feels several degrees warmer and cozier and nicer, without her saying anything. I am not exaggerating – I know my senior buds would back me up on that!! So, hey there, Mr. Future Prince Charming, I just need you to know, whoever you turn out to be, you are a very lucky guy. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Jana Henry

Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for a love story. A real romantic love story. I have been planning my wedding since I was a single digit. I remember looking at my mother’s wedding pic thinking pretty dress but different color scheme. I have planned a wedding I’m sure for every season so I have options. I have even thought about engagement pics. But even more so than the wedding I have thought about how I will meet my best friend. In a coffee shop, at church, on the train. Will it be like in a movie and I’ll lose my breath. Will I not like him and run the opposite way. Maybe I know him now and we just both have no idea we’re meant to be. I use to sit and ask my granny how she met my grandfather. It was a beautiful story. Simple but beautiful. She just knew. Even years after he died she still talked about him like she just knew it was the way a love story was supposed to be.