Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gogo (Changes)

Mother’s Day is coming up and this year is a special one for me… my first!! I am kind of getting really excited – so excited that some mommy friends and I are going to treat ourselves to a pre-First-Mother’s-Day toast tomorrow, with our babies in tow – never too early to celebrate, right? And what is motherhood really? There are so many ways to put it, but I love Gogo’s take: embracing life and not being afraid of change. Now, that is something worth toasting to, this weekend and every single day of the year!

Gogo Jenny Williams

The exciting thing about getting older is adjusting to changes. After hitting the legitimate age of adulthood (21), there are many changes.

Becoming a wife and mother was an unexpected change that, for me, was unlike the books and movies I’d seen. There were no scripts, there was no one to map out scenes and prepare me for the next scene. No longer answering to what my parents expected of me, now my life and daily experiences molded and shaped me into a person I did not recognize. How strange: when did it happen? The extrovert who grew up as she guided and loved her children; the woman who burst from a cocoon of traditions into one who embraces life, who is not afraid of change.