Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gogo (The Best Thing I Have Learned in My Life)

Once in a while don't you just feel like a big, bold, life-affirming 
story that sweeps you off your feet?

It would be cool if the tens and thousands of you reading could
 squeeze shoulder to shoulder around our physical table to hear our
 seniors tell their stories every week, but that's not half as cool as 
the fact that we are virtually doing that here. This blog is the most
 massive and inclusive table ever, where there is always room for one 

And so, with us all huddled together, I present to you this story by Gogo. It's one of those stories that I feel can touch us all and unite
 us as humans no matter how different our day-to-day lives are.

out loud. Living life to the absolute fullest. Yup, that's our Gogo.
 You feel it, right? The massive good vibes that she is spreading all 
around our table?

Gogo Jenny Williams
The Best Thing I Have Learned in My Life

It took many years and it seemed that I kept butting my head against hardened walls. I learned that you can begin again; you can forgive, turn around, pick up the pieces, and learn from your mistakes.

Bad decisions – I’ve made a few. Missed opportunities – yes, I’ve missed a few. Trusted the untrustworthy – yes I did. Experiencing encounters the 3rd and 4th kind made me a better human being – the so-called failures became stepping stones to my success, the backbone that enabled me to stand up and face life, not hide in a corner when it seemed that my world crumbled.

What a chain breaker. What a feeling of empowerment.

The process may be quite fragile. It might be missing people and components that were so very important to your life. But if you are still breathing, you can begin again.