Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mr. Robert (Valentine's Day from A to Z)

Valentine’s Day is only a couple days away, and our senior buds are so excited. Last week when I saw them in class, they broke into song, singing “Goodnight Sweetheart” at the top of their lungs.

They also invited me to a Seniors’ Valentine’s dance this Thurs, and that – I am pretty excited about. They are determined to me the Twist both ways, the kind where you swing your hips a little, and the kind where you really “just go for it.” Oh boy, they are so silly ;)

Well, what are we waiting for? Let our Valentine’s countdown begin – from A to Z!

Once we’ve shaken our silly bones, stick around for stories from Bernice and Joe about the most important word on the whole list. Love!

Robert Mitchell
Valentine’s Day from A to Z

A-    Always and forever; A Cruise;
B-    Boyfriend, best thing that ever happened to me;
C-    Candy, chocolate;
D-    Diamonds, dinner, dancing;
E-    Entertainment, engagement ring;
F-    Flowers, fruit basket;
G-    Games, girlfriend;
H-    Husband, happiness, hugs;
I-    I love you;
J-    Joy, jealous, jewelry;
K-    Kisses;
L-    Love, loving you;
M-    Music, me, you and him;
N-    No means no, not tonight;
O-    Oh girl!!!
P-    Puppy love, poetry;
Q-    Quality, quote: “I’m not your daddy, I’m your ‘MAN’”
R-    Reasons that we’re here;
S-    Spontaneous, soul mate;
T-    Teenagers, the hunters;
U-    Under the moon;
V-    Victoria’s secret;
W-    Wife, wine, wedding day;
X-    Xtra Special;
Y-    Young and in love;
Z-    ZZZZZ (when the note is over)

Happy Valentine’s Day!