Thursday, December 20, 2012

Helen (Is it Still Christmas?)

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I thought this one would be a cute sequel after Helen’s story before… in case you are wondering about Helen’s comment about leaving her decorations up for a loooong time. Oh yeah, because, hey, why not ;)?

“Why not” is actually one my favorite questions in life ever, so that’s one reason I think this story is cool. Making your own tradition and embracing your own quirks is kind of fabulous, don’t you think? I also think this is cool because Helen is dressed in completely and complexly color-coordinated outfits with full accessories without fail every single week. She is literally beautiful and colorful inside and out. So when I picture the inside of her house, I am picturing her in it, dressed and jewelry clad in a mix of oranges, blues, pinks, with a bright orange-red lip to match, looking at it all, nodding to the music, smiling.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Helen H Lahr
Is it Still Christmas?

Why this question when everyone knows that Christmas was on the 25th of December?

I can ask because in recent years my family and I remove the outside decorations but we don’t touch those on the inside until after Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.  This would never have been done years ago because this was not the custom.

Eventually I thought, “Why can’t I enjoy my decorations longer?”  Also, by the time that the holidays arrive, most of us are exhausted and it’s wonderful to sit down and relax enjoying my beautiful (or so I think ;)  decorations, including my ever-present manger scene.  All of this I experience accompanied by soft holiday music.  Can anyone ask for more?

On Tuesday I had a 5:30 appointment at home.  The sales person came in the foyer and the first thing he said was “Beautiful, I’m going to tell my wife to leave our decorations in place until Dr. MLK’s birthday.”

I felt good about that.  ;)